Welcome to the Orientation

The Guelph-Humber Post was created on Oct. 16, 2017 as an alternative news source for students, by students due to a lack of a publication during the college union strike and to provide an independent world news source.

On Mar. 9, 2018, the publication was rebranded to The Avro Post. Our staff is made up of University of Guelph-Humber and Humber College students, with a few outside advisors.

The Post is at this time not an official IGNITE club or society or an officially recognized campus publication. Sign our petition to help us get on the optional student fees list.

The three things

Before you reached this orientation, you would’ve been accepted as a staff member by an editor, and he or she would’ve have added you to three different things:

  1. Our Whats App chat
  2. Google Drive folder called “The Avro Post”
  3. Access to the WordPress so you can publish

Keep reading, we’ll explain more as you go along.

The practicalities

The Avro Post uses the Canadian Press Style Guide with our own formatting style.

The most important documents you will use are the Style Guide and the Format Guide. 

The Style Guide shows you how to write and lay out an article in our style, including certain stylizations with things, names, time and locations. The Format Guide explains how to use categories, the “#featured” tag and more. You can also use the full handbook of the Canadian Press Style Guide.

If we all follow the style guide rules then we can stick together and be clean, professional and consistent.

The Style Guide is accessible via the website you’re on right now. Just head to “Staff” in the footer to reach it.

Start writing

Let’s get you started.

We ask for minimum one article a week but we’re flexible and we understand that life as a student can be hectic.

Jr. Staff writers can write any story but will not be able to publish, just save and then an editor will check it out and publish if it’s good to go. If it isn’t good to go, they may ask that you fix a few mistakes. If no one has checked it and/or it’s an urgent, timely story, please message in Slack.

Sr. Staff writers are semi-autonomous, so stories do not need to be approved by an editor before posting. However, editors reserve the right to fix or take down your article and ask for a rewrite if it is needed.

Learn who your editors are via the Staff List and know that you can ask them any question you have, or ask the E-in-C.

Social sharing

When you write an article, it automatically shares to both Twitter and Facebook. All staff will be given access to the Twitter and Facebook of the Post, as well as the Instagram.

For those covering Guelph-Humber updates, feel free to post on Twitter (be sure to use our Format Guide for this) without writing a story, for example, if school was cancelled you could post “CAMPUS: School cancelled due to inclement weather”, maybe with a link to the announcement too.

Same goes to external writers, if there is a breaking story post “BREAKING: Shooting occurs in Michigan” then, if needed, you follow up with an article.

More on this in the Twitter Format Guide.

Before you go

Know that you can always come back to this as a reference. If you have any additional questions, please utilize the Staff FAQ section here.

If you still have questions, please contact your Editor-in-Chief via Slack, or ask around.

Helpful links

Google Drive folder (permissions needed)

Our website


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