The Avro Post is proud to announce that, as of February 8, 2019, we are opening up Opinion submissions to any and all students or alumni at the University of Guelph-Humber, University of Guelph and Humber College.

If you have an idea for an opinion piece you want to have published by The Avro Post or have one ready to go then please feel free to submit it by using the contact form below or directly emailing TheAvroPost@gmail.com.

For more information on our Opinion Guidelines, which are part of our overarching Mandate, please continue below the contact form.


Opinion Guidelines

The Avro Post Board of Directors decided to create a formal opinion policy and approved it on February 8, 2019. This policy outlines how opinion pieces are submitted, approved to publication and the process of deciding the time of publication.

  1. Opinion pieces submitted by a student, faculty or staff member must be verified as coming from an individual that goes to or will go to or did previously go to University of Guelph-Humber, University of Guelph or Humber College. For cases outside of this, individuals will be directed along the External Opinion Guidelines.
  2. Opinion pieces must be read and meet the Principles of Opinion to be published. At least three Board of Directors members must vote on a said opinion article — if one votes different than the rest, then the Editor-in-Chief will make the final decision. If the majority are against the Editor-in-Chief’s decision, then the entire staff votes on the piece.

Principles of Opinion

  1. When the Board of Directors is deciding if an opinion piece is appropriate to publish or not, they must do so without placing their personal opinion on politics, finances or any of their own bias as much as possible and examine solely on whether the opinion does not fulfill any of the following violations to the best of their knowledge:
  • slander of an individual for the sake of slander
  • over-dramatization of a situation to the detriment of another individual or group of individuals, including organizations
  • use of crude language
  • unnecessary revealing information or harmful accusations


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