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Students will make a choice that could significantly alter the future of their student union. This is your home for the latest from the source you trust.



Big changes could be coming to IGNITE, but it will all come down to students to make the final call with a vote on Jan. 22 at the Special Meeting of the Members.

This page is your home for everything leading up to the vote and all related stories. It’s run by the student journalists of The Avro Post, working hard to bring you the facts and analysis.

Any full-time student can vote at the Special Meeting, or SMOM, which will start at 11 a.m. in the Student Centre. Student identification will be needed to participate in the votes.

Part time students can attend but will not be able to vote.

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Don’t miss a moment and stay informed — The Avro Post will be covering the SMOM live from Humber College on Jan. 22 as well as commentary after the vote that could change the future of IGNITE.


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What Is Happening?

IGNITE’s Board of Directors passed a set of bylaw amendments to its Constitution at a Sept. 11 meeting that brings several significant changes to how the student union’s governance works. This includes ending executive elections, giving more unilateral power to the directors and changing the classification of membership in response to the Student Choice Initiative.

These bylaw amendments will not be voted on independently but rather as one package, officials have said. 

An agenda scarce on details was posted by IGNITE, but it was late.Sshould they follow their own bylaws that state a Special Meeting’s “time, place and subject matter” must be posted to the student union’s media “no less than 10 days” ahead of the event, excluding weekends and holidays, which would have meant Jan. 8.

There are two things that can happen. Option one: the bylaw amendments are passed by a 50 per cent plus one majority, the most likely standard to be used, and they come into effect immediately. Or option two: students vote against the amendments in a similar simple majority and the amendments are not passed.

The Amendments

These amendments are taken from the Board of Directors meeting minutes from Sept. 11, which were released in November. Officials confirmed that these are indeed the minutes that will come forward at the SMOM. 

Note: Officials said on Jan. 16 that the new “executives” will be called Student Engagement Coordinators and have two-year terms.

You can click any item on the list to get more details and insight:

More Information?

In search of more information or want to dive a little deeper?

The first resource we can offer is IGNITE’s own Governance page, however, it has not been updated even with the date of the Special Meeting as of Jan. 2, so you will not find much there. However, you can open the Sept. 11 meeting minutes to grab a glimpse of the amendments coming forward for yourself.

We also have our own IGNITE section–where you can read stories dating back to 2017 and as recent as the latest on how we got here. We’re constantly aiming higher in our coverage so that we can bring you the facts, analysis and the the voices of the stakeholders.


Timeline of Events

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