Factcheck: IGNITE keeps posting incomplete bylaw proposals list


IGNITE has included a summary list of the bylaw changes coming forward to the Jan. 22 Special Meeting of the Members in three separate articles published to its website, a list that actually does not include every amendment.

The list has changed form once from when it was first published in an article by Managing Editor Alena Banes in late October, but all three include these two amendments that are coming to the SMOM:

  • IGNITE will end executive elections and hire students for the president and vice president positions.
  • new classifications of students: part-time students, full-time and full-time “enhanced” — those who pay one or more of the optional student fees.

However, there are actually seven amendments coming forward for student approval or rejection on Jan. 22. Here are the other five that IGNITE only mentions on their website within the Sept. 11 Board meeting minutes:

  • give power to the Board to pass amendments without needing approval at a Special Meeting of the Members.
  • the term “president” will be used for the chairperson of the Board.
  • the execution of documents will be overseen by the executive director.
  • annual general meetings to include an updated list of required agenda items.
  • clearly defining mandatory and optional fees.

The other two articles where the smaller, incomplete list is posted can be found under “Special Meeting of the Members — January 2020” and “3 reasons to attend IGNITE’s Special Meeting of the Members this year” on the student union’s website.

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