Humber Test Centre app in development

A phone app for Humber College’s Test Centre is under construction, according to IGNITE Board of Directors meeting minutes released last week, an initiative championed by Vice President Shay Hamilton.

The Nov. 14 meeting records state that the student union is “currently working” with the college to create an app “to cut down wait times and registration process during peak times of the year”.

Though the meeting was before the end of the fall semester, test centre wait times resulted in a wave of complaints from students in December.

The initiative to cut test centre times is one of the objectives Vice President Shay Hamilton listed to The Avro Post in an interview last year, after she was hired as a replacement after her predecessor stepped down due to personal reasons.

The project is just one of five listed as part of an “Executives Initiatives Update” given at the meeting by Executive Director Ercole Perrone on behalf of President Monica Khosla.

Presto ‘cost prohibitive’

During the initiatives update, Perrone told directors that “a Presto machine on campus resulted in being cost prohibitive”, revealing apparently for the first time that IGNITE, at least in part, would fund a transit reload machine on campus.

The minutes say that IGNITE requested if the machine could be administrated through the bookstores on campus, but Metrolinx deemed this not an option, according to Perrone.

“Discussion and strategies then expanded into ways to improve the Presto app itself,” the minutes add. The Presto update concluded with the executive director saying that IGNITE, Sustainability Humber and Metrolinx would continue negotiations.

However, all of this took place before an exclusive report from The Avro Post on Nov. 24 revealing that Presto machines were excepted to come to Humber College’s North and Lakeshore Campuses by early 2020.

The current status of the machines are unclear. Multiple requests for the latest information to Metrolinx and Humber College have gone without any update.

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