Canada could play role in Sussex exit plan

After Prince Harry and his U.S. wife Meghan — officially the Duke and Duchess of Sussex — gave a surprise announcement earlier this week that they would be stepping back from royal duties, the British monarchy aims to sort out an exit plan for the couple that could include Canada.

The royal pair shocked the queen and other Windsors on Wednesday when they released an Instagram statement saying they wanted to lead a more independent life, both financially and physically, in a move British press dubbed “Megexit”.

The Sussex’s said that they would split their time between Britain and North America to allow them and their baby son Archie the space they needed.

The prince has long expressed his anger over the treatment he and his wife have received from media tabloids. Reporters will be restricted in future engagements with the couple, their statement said.

Many reports stated that Queen Elizabeth and other royals were “hurt” by the move, which was made without consultation.

Canadian taxpayers could have to supply millions of dollars a year in security expenses if the royal pair move even part time to the country, security experts told Reuters news agency.

However, according to a poll conducted by Postmedia, 60 per cent of Canadians are in favour of Prince Harry taking on the role of governor general, the Queen’s top representative in Canada.

The royal couple have strong ties to Canada. Meghan Markle spent years filming for the show Suits in Toronto and Prince Harry has been a part of several events, including opening the
Toronto Invictus Games in 2017.

The pair most recently spent a significant chunk of their Christmas break in Vancouver.

But is it possible? Since the Queen appoints the governor general on the advice of the prime minister, it would technically be entirely doable for Prince Harry to take up the role.

But the reported rift that has opened between the Sussex royals and the rest of the family in Britain could make it difficult for the prince to get the nod from the Crown, should he want it.

There’s also the matter of that Canada already has Gov. Gen. Julia Payette, though she has suffered her own scandals since her appointment by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in 2017.

For now, Meghan has returned to Canada to take care of her son Archie. Royal family fans will no doubt stay alert for any updates from the Sussex couple and Birmingham Palace on what the future holds.

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