‘No date to confirm’ on Presto machines, says Humber

A Humber College official who has acted as the point person for bringing Presto reload machines to North and Lakeshore Campuses told The Avro Post on Thursday morning that he had “no date to confirm” for the exact arrival of the machines.

Metrolinx, the provincially-owned corporation that operates the Presto system for the many transit systems that use it, told The Post in November that the machines would be coming to Humber “early in the New Year” but did not reveal a specific date at the time.

Sustainability Specialist Devon Fernandes said that “we’re still in talks with [Presto]” in his email response to The Post to inquires over a timeline.

A response from Metrolinx on Thursday did not indicate that the November statement about an arrival early in 2020 had changed in any way.

Presto cards, which allow users to load funds online and with reload machines, are utilized by at least three local transit systems that stop at Humber’s North and Lakeshore campuses.

There has been some confusion over the timing of the machines coming to campus as Humber officials have given conflicting messages in recent months.

Fernandes told the Et Cetera in November that the machines would reach campus by the end of November but told The Post days later that he could “not confirm that timeline” due to ongoing discussions.

Earlier this year, The Post reported that discussions had launched between Humber and Metrolinx over the machines.

There are upwards of 30,000 students at Humber College and the University of Guelph-Humber and thousands of them utilize multiple forms of city and intercity transit — most of which, if not all of them — accept the smart Presto cards.

Bringing a Presto machine to campus was on IGNITE Vice President Megan Roopnarine’s election platform as she ran to represent students at the University of Guelph-Humber. When the machines are added to campuses, it could be seen as a win for her advocacy.

IGNITE candidates have for years added advocating for Presto machines on campus to their platforms, but none of the representative that ended up elected have been successful thus far in their efforts.

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