IGNITE breaks bylaws again by not releasing SMOM agenda

IGNITE broke its own bylaws when it did not release an agenda for the Jan. 22 Special Meeting of the Members at any point on Wednesday, with a pair of directors seemingly unaware of the rules.

It marks only the latest incident of Humber College’s student union ignoring their own rules listed inside documents posted to its Governance webpage.

Bylaw 4.4 of the Constitution states that the “time, place and subject matter” of a SMOM must be posted “not less than” 10 business days ahead of the meeting.

The only information available as of now is the date, which is only known because officials told the Humber Et Cetera in an interview late last year.

When reporters from The Avro Post asked a pair of directors on Wednesday if they would release the required details in accordance with their bylaws, they did not know the answer.

IGNITE has broken their own bylaws several times since the start of the current academic year by deleting the exact times and locations of Board of Directors meetings and not allowing journalists inside the gatherings.

When pushed to respond to the rule-breaking, Guelph-Humber Directors Erika Caldwell and Julia Ciampa appeared unaware of the bylaws and deflected questions from Post reporters.

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