Students prominent amongst dead in Iran plane crash

Post-secondary students and professors from across the country have featured prominently amongst those killed when Ukraine International Airlines flight PS752 crashed just minutes after taking off from the main airport in Iran’s capital.

University of Alberta professors Mojgan Daneshmand and her husband Dr. Pedram Mousavi, along with their daughters Daria and Dorina, have been confirmed among the dead. They were on the flight with other Edmonton residents, CBC reports.

The University of Guelph said in a statement that the community is mourning the deaths of two PhD students: Ghanimat Azhdari and Milad Ghasemi Ariani.

Carleton University says a PhD student was among the dead in the Tehran-area plane crash. CTV

The school says Fareed Arasteh was studying biology.

A family member confirms he was just married in Iran on Sunday and was on his way back to Canada to continue his studies. CTV,ca

McMaster universtity students Iman Aghabali and Mehdi Eshaghian, both engineering students at the McMaster’s automotive resource centre, were also among the dead. The McMaster Iranian Graduate Student Society is planning to host a vigil for these two engineering students.

Mehdi Eshaghian and Iman Aghabali, both PhD students in the engineering at McMaster University are believed to have been on board the deadly Ukrainian International Airlines plane that crashed in Iran. (LinkedIn)

Four U of T students have also been identified as victims of the crash.  

Mojtaba Abbasnezhad, a first-year international PhD student at U of T, was among those killed.

Pooya Poolad told CBC News that Abbasnezhad, his close friend and classmate, was an Iranian citizen and was living in Toronto while studying electrical engineering.

Poolad was supposed to be on the trip to Iran with his friend but had to cancel. He says he was in Toronto texting with Abbasnezhad, who also went by Soroush, at the airport before his flight home. 

Mohammad Salehe, Zeynab Asadi-Lari and Mohammad Hossein Asadi-Lari were also among those killed. All were studying at U of T. 

The university issued a statement saying it was deeply saddened to see its students’ names on the plane’s manifest, but that it hasn’t been able to confirm they were killed.

The university’s three campuses are united in mourning the loss of the victims and offering sympathy and condolences to their families and friends,” it said, noting it would provide more information in the coming days.

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