UK Tories set to win majority, confirming Brexit

The future of Brexit was practically confirmed as key exit polls from British broadcasters on Thursday showed that the United Kingdom voted in a Conservative Party majority government under Prime Minister Boris Johnson, decimating liberal parties and handing London a clear mandate to depart the European Union.

The Tories have been projected to win 368 ridings, giving Johnson a majority of 86 seats, a comfortable lead in the 650-seat parliament that will allow his government to pass legislation with ease, including leaving the EU by Jan. 31.

The exit polls are considered reliable and Johnson’s win is outside the margin of error. The prime minister called the snap election, the first during the December holiday season in nearly a century, so that he could solidify political support for the Brexit movement. 

The exit poll was produced by three broadcasters – the BBC, ITV and Sky – who teamed up to jointly produce similar surveys in the last three elections, held in 2010, 2015 and 2017. They predicted the correct election outcome with the exception of 2015, when 14 seats gave the Tories a majority instead of a hung parliament.

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