Humber Galleries calling for artwork

Humber Galleries is encouraging students and alumni to consider submitting artwork for their “Campus as a Canvas” initiative.

The facilitator has plans to repurpose “the function of our six display cases located around the Lakeshore and North Campuses as well as identifying pop-up spaces for the purpose of promoting work created by Humber students from all programs.”

Graphic for the submissions.

Humber Galleries is driven to encourage collaboration between Humber programs and the Humber community as they enter the second semester of this initiative, according to a description.

“The galleries are a place for everyone to learn and experiment through art from our many different perspectives. Art is polytechnic learning: both a way to gain practical skills for many intersecting trades, and a way to think through difficult ideas and possible futures,” says Kyla Ross, Humber Galleries Coordinator.

Humber Galleries is exploring ways to change their exhibition spaces by extending their scope of locations to include all Humber campuses. They hope to make the campuses appear more as canvases available for content by Humber students, faculty, staff, as well as alumni.

The locations they plan to use includes; L Space Gallery at the Humber Lakeshore campus, display cases across both Humber Lakeshore and Humber North campuses, and the large wall in the atrium of the Learning Resource Commons at Humber North campus.

Pop-up locations will also be appearing throughout both campuses as the semester continues.

Current Humber students and Humber alumni are encouraged to submit artwork that they have created at Humber College and if the artwork is selected, it will be put on display in one of the six display cases on campus.

For individuals interested, the application form found on Humber Galleries’ website is due by Nov. 24.

Humber Galleries will be hosting Student Info Sessions on Nov. 22 at Humber College North Campus in K107 from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.

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