May meeting minutes reveal how chair was appointed

The Board of Directors, as is custom, chose their chair at the first meeting of the new term, but the meeting minutes finally released this week, likely Wednesday, gave some insight into how Neto Naniwambote won the Board leadership at the May session.

There were two rounds of voting, implying that it was a ranked ballot system used for the process. A ranked ballot is when voters mark the available choices by preference and the last place individual in every round is eliminated until a candidate gains over 50 per cent of the vote.

There were three Board directors interested in the chair position: Naniwambote of North Campus, Erika Caldwell of the University of Guelph-Humber and Nav Sidhu, the first-ever and lone Orangeville representative.

They each got a chance, in alphabetical order, to “provide a short speech” and to “answer any questions from fellow Board members testing their leadership experience”, according to the meeting minutes.

For the first round, Caldwell and Naniwambote tied at three apiece, while Sidhu received one vote and was knocked out of the running. It’s unclear if there was another vote with just the remaining pair or if a director marked Naniwambote as a second choice, but ended up winning the chair.

For vice-chairperson, there were four running: Caldwell and Sidhu returned with Eden Tavares of North and Asiya Bashir Awan of Lakeshore coming in as fresh faces. The voting only took one round as Sidhu gathered four ballots and the other three took one vote apiece.

The meeting minutes for both May and September were posted on the IGNITE Governance page at some point Tuesday or Wednesday. The older minutes have not been re-published after they were taken down earlier this year without warning.

Meeting minutes from September that were posted at the same time as the May minutes showed that the incoming slate of major bylaw amendments that will be voted on at a Special Meeting of the Members in January were passed by the Board of Directors on Sept. 11, a significant sign off by elected student representatives.

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