No IGNITE Halloween event this year, other options

IGNITE for the first time in several years will not hold a Halloween-themed event near the end of October and no reason was given as to why, but there are other party options throughout the city for those seeking excitement.

The popular Fiction nightclub is holding “Fright Night 2019” on Friday and tickets can be bought for the students-orientated event for $20 in advance or $25 regular. Everyone is welcome, including non-students.

A tradition for many is Halloween Haunt at Canada’s Wonderland. Tickets are about $38 plus tax with a valid student identification and can be bought in advance on the event page.

Into drinking? A Halloween-themed club crawl organized by Student Tours Canada will be hitting Toronto streets on Saturday and tickets can be bought via Eventbrite.

No IGNITE event

Frosh was confirmed safe by IGNITE’s executive director during an interview in July, but the Student Choice Initiative may have impacted other events that usually come throughout the academic year.

IGNITE’s staff director, Ercolé Perrone, said at the time that Frosh “may not look the same, it may not be two concerts”, but that it — and other large events that usually take place through the year — are still on the agenda.

“We will continue on with some of those signature activities and events, even with the unpredictability of the funding,” Perrone said, explaining that IGNITE is confident students will choose not to opt-out of the fees.

IGNITE has scheduled a Halloween party every year since the student union was re-branded as IGNITE in 2016. However, in 2017, the Halloween event was cancelled due to a five-week long college faculty strike.

It is unclear whether there was not enough funds in place from the Events and Opportunities Fee to hold the event or if there was another or a mixture of reasons.

Earlier this year, a source told The Avro Post that tickets for Frosh were discounted for all students because they were underselling. However, several weeks later, IGNITE’s Wild ‘N Out was reportedly well-attended.

IGNITE has not yet released opt-in numbers for the Student Choice Initiative, or SCI. When asked during an Oct. 4 press briefing about publishing the exact numbers, Perrone acted surprised that students would even be interested.

Several other student union’s have published their opt-in data, however, the only indication about the SCI for IGNITE is that about 80 per cent remained opted-in to a set of “Enhanced Student Experience” fees that were previously not optional, according to Humber’s president.

Perrone did not dispute the 80 per cent mark when asked by a Post reporter in October. There has yet to be a confirmation that IGNITE will release the data at any point, however, it could be at the delayed Special Meeting of the Members in January.

It is unclear at this point what other events could be impacted, such as the annual “Frost” that usually takes place in the new year. While Halloween might be skipped this year, the networking-focused LinkedIn Local series is back with a first event set for early November.

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