Humber wins big at OCAA 2019

On Oct 19th, Humber College won their first Women’s Softball OCAA championship game for the first time in over 5 years, and is coupled with another OCAA championship win for Humber’s men’s baseball team. Along with other wins by the Hawks this weekend, the day marks what is called “a good day to be a Hawk”

The legendary games were a smashing win for the Hawks, and bring great morale for the upcoming sports in season, and provides a prime example of the athletics standards at the school. For softball team member Jessica Macpherson, “we had one job and got it done”

The men’s baseball team also had a good run as defending champions of the 2019 OCAA Men’s Baseball title for back-to-back seasons, and they hope to continue their winning streak by heading to the national championships and dominating further.

Not to be outdone, both the Humber men and women’s golf team win the CCAA bronze medals for 2019 this weekend, and will plan on bringing their A-game for next season’s championships.

Bringing up the other wins for the weekend, the Hawk’s men’s and women’s soccer teams also win big in the playoff season, with the men’s team winning a 2-1 game, and the women’s team winning a whopping 13-0 win this weekend.

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