Exclusive: Humber Gang launches to build student community


Humber Gang launched Friday on Instagram with the goal of bringing students together and building community so that the college experience on Humber campuses is a better one, administrators told The Avro Post.

Found at @HumberGang, the page adds those interested to a variety of group chat conversations. Among the options are a “main group”, female and male-specific groups, a “find a relationship group” and a “friends with benefits group”.

There are three students behind the new account and they spoke to The Post on the condition of anonymity, though a face reveal is likely to come in the future, they told one of the groups.

The account owners are part of the business administration, business marketing and computer programming programs at Humber College’s North Campus.

As for expansion behind group chats, one of the administrators said that they feature Instagram Story “shoutouts” for those that are “good community members”, want to hold in real life meet-ups and there could eventually be an effort to start a campus club.

The student said they started the page because they were a part of the popular page Humber Confessions, which launched last year, and noticed there were “a lot of people putting in the comments that they were lonely or struggled to make friends.”

“So I created a page to help with that on Instagram.”

There may be a question and answer session in the future, the page told The Post, but for now, they will focus on the groups as the page grows.

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