Factbox: IGNITE’s governance


This is an overview of significant events from the beginning of the semester until now regarding IGNITE and its governance, in order of relevance.

A chronological order can be found on our updating timeline here.

Who’s who?

Ercolé Perrone is the executive director of IGNITE and the top paid staff. He has worked at the student union for over a decade.

The Board of Directors is a governing body made up usually of nine directors, but this year it is 10 because, for the first time, there is an Orangeville director.

The executives are made up of one president and a vice president from North and Lakeshore Campuses as well as the University of Guelph-Humber.

Board of Directors meetings will eventually cut off students permanently, officials said at a recent press briefing. This will likely be passed at the annual Special Meeting of the Members, which was pushed back to January 2020.

Why this matters?
Student press are not allowed inside Board meetings to record the conversations that happen around a multimillion dollar budget, among other governance discussions. Thus, there is no reporting on their decisions.

How does this impact you?
Students rarely go to Board meetings but student journalists often do, IGNITE’s executive director said on Oct. 4. Currently, only non-journalists can go but the times and locations of the meetings have been taken down.

Is there precedent?
No. IGNITE has never cut off student journalists from Board meetings permanently, only had two private sessions in the 1978-1979 academic year, according to the Humber Et Cetera.

IGNITE executives — the president and vice presidents of each major campus — will no longer be elected in the future, the executive director said on Oct. 4. This will likely be proposed in January at the Special Meeting.

Why this matters?
This is unprecedented for IGNITE and the Humber College student unions that proceeded it. Executives will be hired as part of a more corporate vision for IGNITE. Perrone said that this move is IGNITE “catching up” during the Oct. 4 press briefing.

How does this impact you?
Your executives, who carry out “initiatives” throughout the year to improve the student experience and represent you at the Board of Governors, other internal committees and external activities, will no longer be elected but hired. It is estimated that the president makes over $30,000.

Is there precedent?
Not recently at Humber College. However, there could be a student union somewhere in Ontario or across North America that hires its executives, but we haven’t found it yet. Perrone, by saying IGNITE was “catching up” by getting rid of executive elections, suggested there are other unions that do the same.

While the rest of the academic year will bring a lot of changes to student life, governance and IGNITE in general, The Avro Post will be here with impartial, facts-only reporting.

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