Residence cards cause trouble for students

Students living on campus have experienced recent troubles with their residence cards both at certain places at North Campus and with finding out their funds balance after purchases in the cafeterias.

Those living in one of the several residence buildings bought a meal plan at the beginning of the academic year that puts money on a refundable card with the expectation that they are able to use it in multiple places.

Tim Hortons is a common place where Guelph-Humber and Humber students go to for a variety of goods, whether it is coffee for energy or food for their meals between classes.

However, the restaurant chain has notified many students that try to use their residence cards that it not working on their machines. 

Staff at Tim Hortons mentioned weeks ago that it will be fixed for students soon, but it is still not working, causing many students required to pay cash, credit or debit for their food. 

For individuals going to Humber Room experiences the same issue due to the fact that all paying machines are both the same.

Beyond Tim Hortons and Humber Room, when students use their residence card at the food emporium, Starbucks, or in residence, the amount goes through, but students cannot see the remaining balance that they have on their meal plan on receipts due to technical errors.

Students are unable to check their balance online, so the only way to figure out how much is left on their balance is to buy food from the residence cafeteria and then ask them for the remaining balance. 

It is frustrating for many individuals as it worked smoothly last year, yet this year, it brings many financial conflicts for students.

As Matthew, a Humber student in residence, says, it is always a pain because he does not always carry cash, credit or debit around, leading him to use Apple Pay at places where res card is not accepted, which is not preferred in his perspective.

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