What to expect from the IGNITE press briefing

IGNITE on Friday morning will allow student journalists into a press briefing near the Humber College Student Centre to learn more about by-laws being utilized to block off Board of Directors meetings.

Executive Director Ercolé Perrone invited on-campus publications, including The Avro Post, Et Cetera and others, to the briefing in response to inquiries about new policies listed on its Governance page.

After a Post reporter was denied access to the first Board meeting of the academic year on Sept. 11, the student union posted a statement saying that only directors “have a right” to attend the Board meetings under the Ontario Corporations Act.

IGNITE added that students would now need special permission to attend the meetings and access meeting minutes from Perrone. Though the stance is legal, it goes against provincial precedent for student unions and marks the first time in Humber College history the Board has been completely cut off.

A pair of reporters from The Avro Post be at the briefing on Friday morning and will be reporting live what is taking place online.

There will likely be explanations about how and why the Board meetings were cut off, should student journalist questions be answered.

What is up in the air is whether IGNITE officials will respond to allegations from students and the student press that they are losing transparency.

The student union also removed the Special Meeting of the Members date from the Governance page, changing it from Oct. 16 to “TBD”. There hass been no explanation since as to why.

Perrone told The Post earlier this week that the briefing would go over new moves upcoming from IGNITE.

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