Open letter sent to Board of Directors

To our elected Board Directors,

Last spring, each of you were either acclaimed or received hundreds of votes to represent us at our student union as part of the Board of Directors, the body responsible for holding our executives accountable and making decisions with the money we give you.

But now, you have completely closed off from us. IGNITE has always had significant problems with transparency but Board meetings were always open students were encouraged to attend until a few weeks ago.

This letter is our request for you to consider the state of our student union. You are part of the only Board of Directors in IGNITE history to be closed off, not to mention potentially province-wide. 

IGNITE’s executive director told us earlier that it was within the student union’s right to close off the meetings and go in-camera. In fact, that kind of decision can only be made by you, the Board directors yourselves.

We’ve been asked to only send media requests through the executive director but we need the truth and not carefully crafted answers and largely ignored emails. We have been told by student unions across the province that this is not the norm.

Tonight, as students who only seek to find the truth, we are reaching out to ask for you to give clarity. It does not matter what any staff member of IGNITE says, you are the Board of Directors, our duly elected representatives and you are in charge.

The many complaints about the lack of transparency and the anger some students feel right now after opting to an organization that claims to have their back but yet hides everything away is in fact on you.

As a director, your priority over resume-building and gaining new experience is to represent the student body. Follow through and communicate to the students the many questions we have asked and they have asked.

Any lack of information, shut down of communication or refusal to reach out is on you and you alone. We hope, as fellow students, that you can come out of the shadows and allow us to question and understand.

Democracy, knowledge and transparency dies in darkness. We ask that you respond to us via any of our communication channels and let’s get the conversation flowing again.

— The Board of The Avro Post

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