Suicide Prevention Day: What’s important

Mental health has no limit and it doesn’t matter who you are in this world.

Mental health is an important matter that includes the word “suicide” somewhere.

Tuesday is suicide prevention day, which leads to the openness of talking about suicide prevention.

Suicide is a topic that is normally silenced and for those who are dealing with suicidal thoughts tend to find it hard to open their mouths to talk about it with others.

Suicide prevention is difficult but it is not hard to reach out to individuals and letting them know that there are others around them that cares and loves them from their hearts.

If you are part of the one in five individuals who find hope to not be that easy, you are not alone and don’t give up because there are many more people who care about you despite the fact that you may not see it.

For the four in five individuals, who have a connection with one who is dealing with their mental health, check on your friend, family, and whoever you know who may be considering suicide in their head.

The Student Wellness & Accessibility Centre, known as SWAC, is open every day from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. for students to call into SWAC and request to talk to someone.
There are many free resources that they offer to students; some that support students through mental health include counselors, mental health nurses, and doctors.

In some cases, an accessibility consultant will be beneficial when mental health gets way out of hand; an accessibility consultant has the ability to create some accommodations with you that will give you the little hand you need to do well in classes.

If going to SWAC gives you butterflies, try going with a friend.

You can also try calling a couple of numbers given especially for having a chat.

Good2Talk is a good place to try as it is free for students in post-secondary education; their number is 1-866-925-5454. There are other numbers especially for crisis and one common text line is sending a text message to 686868.

The important message here is to remember that you are not alone as there are many resources out there for you.

Reach out and let others support you when life seems too rough.

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