Andreescu wins first Grand Slam title

Tomas Karageorgos | Report

Bianca Andreescu becomes the first Canadian individual to win the U.S. Open.

In what was a highly anticipated match, Williams had the majority of support from the fans at Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York. Andreescu had a fearless approach to her game, not letting the magnitude of the stage or the opponent across the court effect her.

Having already gotten a sense of Williams’ style when the two faced off at the Rogers Cup Final in August, Andreescu took care of the first set winning 6-3.

The second set was entertaining for neutral fans, but nerve-racking for the Canadian teen as she was close to giving up a 5-1 lead. Williams clawed back, but her effort was not enough as Andreescu won the second set 7-5.

Bianca Andreescu is now ranked 5th in the WTA rankings, and has a 34-4 record this season. She earned $3,850,000 US ($5,137,055 CDN) by winning the U.S. Open. She did the rounds on multiple morning and talk shows in New York on Monday.

The young tennis star arrived back home on Tuesday and will get right back to training as she begins to prepare for the Beijing Open which begins on September 28.

Featured image from The Associated Press.

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