How IGNITE got a new vice president


In an interview with The Avro Post on Tuesday, IGNITE’s executive director revealed the process behind choosing a new vice president for Humber College North Campus — a hire that had their first day on Tuesday.

Though director Ercolé Perrone did not spell out their name, he said that the new vice president was, phonetically, “Shayne Hamilton”. The Avro Post is waiting on an official release from the student union for his or her identity.

The process started when Simran, the mysterious vice president that never responded to a request for comment from The Post, quit her role that she was elected to with 1,778 votes. President Monica Khosla announced her departure in a statement on June 10.

Perrone said this triggered options for the IGNITE Board of Directors. They could decide from several options.

The Board could have held a by-election or panel interviews starting in September, a process that would have required election resources and candidate approval from the Board of Governors. The candidate would not have likely been in place until mid-October with this process.

The Board also could have voted to keep the position unfilled, and save money in the process, Perrone told The Post, saying that everything was being considered.

The other option available to them, and one not unprecedented for student unions, was to hire a replacement from the student population. Some said this was undemocratic, and, though it was not technically a democratic move, the decision was made by democratically elected representatives.

Neto Naniwambote, the Board chair, told The Post on Wednesday morning that the decision to open the position up for applications and hire the best individual for the job was one made unanimously.

“The Board had thoughtful discussion about the pros and cons of each option above and after much consideration and deliberation it was decided that it was better to have someone join the team as soon as possible,” Naniwambote wrote in a statement.

Because the vice president was added ahead of September, the chair said that they are able to “hit the ground running being a strong voice for students when the school year starts”.

The Board of Directors is made up of entirely of 10 elected students: four from North Campus, three from Lakeshore Campus, two from the University of Guelph-Humber and, for the first time, one from Orangeville Campus.

Perrone said that the Board decided to move ahead with the hire option considering the major changes coming to the student union and how it operates due to the Student Choice Initiative — optional student fees coming into play for the fall semester.

The new vice president, who Perrone said was Hamilton, will likely be introduced very shortly to the student community via IGNITE’s social media channels and their website.

Editor’s Note: A wide-ranging interview with the IGNITE executive director revealed several details on different topics. More details will follow in stories today and this week.

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