Journalist denied entry to Board of Directors meeting

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There was no independent media coverage from the critical IGNITE Board of Directors meeting on Thursday evening because a student journalist with The Avro Post was denied entry due to not starting classes at Humber College until September.

The Humber Et Cetera, Humber News and Skedline were not seen entering the Board gathering, and so only IGNITE meeting minutes available later on will specify what took place in Room 6167, which was down a long hallway past a sign that read “employees only past this point”.

Hallway to LRC6167.

The directors were expected to define for the first time the framework of the Student Choice Initiative mandated by the Ontario government that will introduce optional student fees come this fall. Now, it is unclear how the information will be passed along by the student union.

The journalist, TAP’s Editor-in-Chief Eli Ridder, accepted Humber College’s offer-of-admission for the fall semester and was verified as a student via email from the college. He was previously a student at the University of Guelph-Humber.

First-Person: What Happened

When he knocked to enter the meeting room on the administrative sixth floor of the Learning Resource Commons of North Campus, Executive Director Ercole Perrone denied him entry, saying that he was not a student.

This went against the status quo that allowed the same reporter to attend a Board of Directors meeting earlier this year to report on it. There were no complaints in February over his attendance at the meeting where directors passed a budget that will get overwritten by summer.

Image of Humber College from The Avro Post.

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