IGNITE responds to petition for naloxone training

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The IGNITE student union at Humber College responded on Wednesday to an organizer of the unsanctioned naloxone training that took place a day before, offering to connect the group that ran the event with President Monica Khosla.

Pre-Med Society co-founder Hannah Derue tweeted at the official IGNITE account saying that a petition was submitted to IGNITE to “provide readily accessible naloxone training for students, which has long been denied through appropriate channels” like clubs and societies.

Derue, who is graduating from the psychology program at the University of Guelph-Humber in a matter of weeks, added: “IGNITE executives, the lives of students and community members are in your hands.”

“This is a great initiative,” the student union account replied, adding that “our execs have a lot of questions about this so if you’re interested in making this a reality, I would encourage you to reach out to your IGNITE president, Monica Khosla”.

Derue said she is “always available to talk” and noted her the other naloxone training organizers left a petition on the president’s desk at IGNITE as she was not there when they went by, asking, why, if the student union believed it to be a “great initiative” they did not allow it to be run by sanctioned clubs on campus.

“If an IGNITE club was denied funding for an event, our Leadership Initiatives Coordinator Kristine Galvan would have provided them with a reason, but you can always reach out to her directly for further clarification,” the student government account said in response.

“Ah yes, there must be an appropriate reason with someone, somewhere… Somehow feel like I’ve heard that before,” Derue wrote in response.

IGNITE finished the public conversation by saying: “Hey Hannah, why don’t I have Monica reach out to you to arrange a date and time for you to meet and discuss your initiative further? DM us your email address and I’ll have her get in touch!”

Derue, Emelia Macaéšik, and a third student who wished to go unnamed held an unsanctioned naloxone training session and kit giveaway in the Student Centre on Tuesday with the aim of promoting harm reduction.

Naloxone training session on Tuesday.

Naloxone kits, when properly used, are effective at halting opioid-related overdoses. The student organizers wanted to raise more attention to the kits and how students, staff and faculty could use them on campus.

Derue told The Avro Post on Sunday that the group approached Humber College, Student Life at Guelph-Humber and IGNITE to run the training and harm reduction promotion as a sanctioned event.

The organizers said they understood part of the denial to have a sanctioned event was related to the presence of a security guard on campus at all times who has a naloxone kit and the training to use it.

“We are holding the event because two overdose prevention sites in Toronto permanently closed since roughly a week ago, despite the fact that CBC reports that over 600 overdose-related deaths happened during the first half of 2018,” Derue said at the time.

The Avro Post has reached out for comment several times from IGNITE, Humber College and the University of Guelph-Humber, but has not received a response.

Image of IGNITE from previous files.

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