Star Wars teaser trailer breakdown

Eli Ridder | Review

The first teaser trailer of Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker was played at Star Wars Celebration in Chicago on Friday afternoon after a panel of the movie’s stars discussed the last film of the Skywalker Saga.

Official Star Wars Episode IX Teaser Trailer


Let’s break down the trailer frame-by-frame and find out what we can discover and what it means.

It’s made by Lucasfilm.

Frame from teaser trailer.

It’s a main character on a desert planet. Where have we seen that before? At this point Luke Skywalker has a voiceover saying “we’ve passed on all we know”.

Rey on a desert planet.

We get a wider shot where eagle-eyed fans can spot an object appearing to come towards Rey as the sun reflects off of it. Luke continues, saying: “a thousand generations live in you now”.

There is a title card reading “every generation has a legend”. Then a sweeping shot of the desert which could be Tatooine, Jakku or a new planet.

The shot goes back to Rey, who ignites her lightsaber, turning around away from the TIE fighter coming towards her. Now this is where it gets confusing. The wings of this TIE fighter are very similar or exactly the same as Kylo Ren’s in The Last Jedi. We then get a shot of purportedly inside the cockpit where black gloved hands clearly accelerate the fighter, and one might immediately think this is Kylo Ren but it is not necessarily.

Rey starts running away from the incoming TIE fighter, which slowly appears to be circular and not like the more blocky-style of Kylo Ren’s TIE silencer.

It gets closer.

It appears at this point, as it approaches and Rey backflips over the TIE, which reveals its real identity as having a more traditional spherical TIE cockpit, more as though it is a TIE Interceptor.

A note on this. A lot of people, including myself, initially thought that this was Kylo Ren trying to run Rey over. However, upon closer inspection, Kylo Ren flew with wingmates, even the strong Darth Vader did that in A New Hope. Where is the rest of the First Order? Also, most obviously, why wasn’t the TIE trying to fire its blasters at Rey? Oh, and, if it was Kylo Ren, why not just show that it is? This seems unlikely that it was Kylo Ren and more likely a training session, possibly with ally and fellow Resistance fighter Poe.

This fighter appears to match the colour scheme of another spatial object in this galaxy seen later in the trailer — more on that later.

The next shot is a sweeping one of a ship headed towards many lights on what appears to be the surface of a planet.

Then a fierce shot takes place with Kylo Ren and several stormtroopers fighting their way through trees with a strong red aura to the scene.

Someone, that I later noticed had furry arms, was working on Kylo Ren’s helmet, which was destroyed in The Last Jedi.

If Finn and Poe ever made a band and needed an album cover, this teaser trailer already set one up. That aside, they could be on the same planet as Rey was when she was jumping over the TIE hybrid.

They also appear to be watching something, not really in a battle pose and Finn is holding Rey’s staff, maybe that is a more permanent occurrence, I am not sure if she uses it much considering she has a lightsaber — more on that later — and a gun from the late Han Solo, that he gave her in The Force Awakens.

There is a shot of BB-8 and D-O, a new droid shown off on stage at Star Wars Celebration on Friday.

Hello, Lando and Chewie flying a Millenium Falcon that now has a circular disk again. There’s a title card that reads “the saga comes to an end”.

There is then another desert shot where people on a speeder that appears to be a sciff like in the style of Jabba the Hutt, but also markers around that reminds me of podracing.

A stormtrooper with a jetpack? There are two of them. There is also a precedent in the Star Wars universe of many, many factions having jetpacks. It’s neat but not new. There were clone troopers with jetpacks and Imperial stormtroopers with jetpacks so why not First Order jetpack troopers. As, as far as I am aware, the Battlefront II game is canon and there are First Order pistol-carrying jet troopers.

Poe, Finn and C-3PO are having an adventure running from what are likely First Order jet troopers. It appears like they are on a pirate ship.

An A-wing, a ship used by the Rebellion.

One of the more interesting shots here. There is an Imperial Star Destroyer from all appearances. This Star Destroyer has a red colour on it which is reminiscent first of the Venator-class Star Destroyer used by the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars.

However, I don’t think this is likely because it does appear to be a standard ISD. Another idea, and what could be the most likely, is that this a Star Destroyer used by what remains of the New Republic or by another faction coming to help the Resistance in their fight against the First Order. It also could be an ISD, a model of ship over 30 years old at this point, that was or is under the command of an Imperial faction that splintered from the Empire before the First Order was formed.

From what I thought was taking place and what others have been saying, the next shot is Leia Organa, a Skywalker, looking at the medal from A New Hope, given to Han Solo and her brother Luke Skywalker after the first Death Star was successfully attacked.

Rey is hugging Princess Leia on a planet that I believe and others believe is new. Director J.J. Abrams said he repurposed some unused footage from The Force Awakens — something he said was powerful. This was maybe a scene after Han Solo was defeated by his son Ben Solo or Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens that was not used. Rey sheds a tear.

Here’s your hero shot. It brings together for the first time Rey, Finn, Poe, Chewbacca, C-3PO, Chewbacca and D-O. It is the first time that all three main characters are working together on an adventure, J.J. Abrams said.

The next shot is the most unexpected. It is almost definitely the same shot as the previous but from the other side. Rey is holding a bag in her new white robes, Finn with the blue pants and jacket the actor said made him feel like he was truly a Star Wars character and Poe giving the feeling of adventure.

They are staring at what is likely a chunk of the Death Star II. It is that one likely because of what comes next. The planet could be Endor that is orbited by the Forest Moon of Endor — which is the planet, or moon, that the Ewoks live on.

Then there is a laugh. One Star Wars fans recognized nearly immediately, the cackle of Sheev Palpatine, or Darth Sidious.

Then the blue Star Wars logo and the name is revealed: “The Rise of Skywalker”.

Image of Star Wars from Lucasfilm.

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