Students share concerns about the death of a peer

Melissa Lopez-Martinez | Report

After an email was sent to Humber College North Campus students in residence about the passing of a student Friday evening, several students who were not aware of the situation shared their concerns with The Avro Post.

Link: Humber Flags to Fly at Half-Mast After DeathD

Humber College released a statement saying that flags will fly at half-mast on campus and naming the student that passed away after the students gave their feedback earlier on Monday.

North Campus students Sabrin Ali and Sophia Nur said on Monday afternoon that they were not aware of what happened and say the lack of coverage makes it concerning.

“I didn’t know, cause it wasn’t shown anywhere, no one really discussed it, none of my friends told me about it. So it wasn’t something that was brought to my awareness,” said Ali.

“I just personally think that the lack of coverage is very unfortunate because of the fact that if it is related to some sort of mental illness the school really does need to support the students in that way and just inform them that something like this did occur on campus,” said Nur.

Nur added that the college should have sent an email to all Humber students and faculty, not just those on residence.

“I think a lot of universities and colleges try to cover up things like this in the sense that not covering it or reporting it to students. That email was only sent to resident students, how about the faculty, how about the rest of the students,” Nur said.

“I think its just really sad, as a community we could’ve mourn the person but no one really knows of anything else like this is the first time I’m hearing about it. It’s not like someone passed away somewhere else it was on school property, so I think that’s just one thing that should have been acknowledged.”

Ferren Reyes, a student in the hospitality, hotel and restaurant management program says he wasn’t aware of what happened on Friday.

“I think it’s scary cause we don’t know what happened. There could be murder, drug abuse, there could be a lot of things I think its just scary to not know things right know. I just learned this I didn’t even know so the school didn’t tell us everything, there was no email,” said Reyes.

The post-secondary student helpline is also available 24/7 at 1-866-925-5454. Employees should contact the EAP at 1.800.461.9722.

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