Humber to issue statement on residence death Monday

Eli Ridder, Melissa Lopez | Report

Following an inquiry from a student on Twitter about the last week on residence, Humber College said on Sunday that they will release a statement regarding the incident at the North Campus residence on Monday.

Latest: Humber Issues Statement on Student Death

A user by the name of @Rio_McManus said “why hasn’t anyone said anything about the person who passed away?? Are we covering something ???” to which the college account responded saying that they were “saddened” and that they will release a statement.

“We will be issuing a message to the Humber community tomorrow,” Humber College tweeted.

An individual told a reporter with The Avro Post that off-campus media outlets were informed of a press conference being held in the Learning Resource Commons on North Campus. A Humber spokesman said that The Avro Post had been “misinformed”.

On Friday afternoon, emergency services were in front of S Building and a floor was blocked off with rumours swirling. Later that night, Humber College said in an email to students that there was a “tragic death” on residence.

“The Humber community is saddened by the tragic death of a student living in North Campus residence, that occurred today,” said an email from Jason Hunter of the college administration to select students. The email was seen by The Avro Post.

“Details are limited and Humber is working with Toronto Police Service as it investigates the incident. Please be assured that at no time was there a broader public safety risk to the community.”

Hunter, vice president of students and institutional planning, wrote that counselling support and Employee Assistance Program services are available to those who made need it after this incident.

Link: List of Mental Health Supports

It is unclear at this point whether the death was an intentional or unintentional self-harm incident or another cause. The individual has not been named by the college, police or the family and will not be by The Avro Post.

Ambulance in front of S3 residence at Humber College North Campus by Emily Werginz-May on April 5, 2019.

Humber College spokesman Andrew Leopold separately confirmed to The Avro Post on Friday night that the incident had taken place, essentially repeating the email sent to students in response to a request for comment.

Image of Humber College residences from The Avro Post.

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