Driving instructor used student info to create Conservative membership

Eli Ridder | Investigative

A driving instructor with Ultimate Drivers in Brampton used the personal information at least one of his students to create a falsified membership in the federal Conservative Party, two individuals familiar with the situation told The Avro Post.

One student, speaking on background for the sake of anonymity to avoid backlash, received an email from the party confirming his membership on Monday.

That morning, the student had been getting a two-hour driving session with the instructor during which they discussed politics.

Ultimate Drivers, from its Twitter.

Sources say the instructor, who goes by Ronnie Islamuzzaman, talked about his political affiliations with the federal Conservatives and the Ontario Progressive Conservatives.

The student told The Avro Post he immediately believed it was Islamuzzaman who signed him up for the Tories.

“I didn’t believe it was a coincidence that Ronnie talked about conservatives earlier in the day and for me to randomly get a donations email that night,” he added.

The student then called the party to say this was not him who signed up.

A party official told the man that five individuals had been signed up to the Tories from the same IP address and with the same credit card, and said that they were all different people with unique last names who lived at separate addresses.

Islamuzzaman, whose legal first name is Mohammed, confirmed to the student it was by accident he received the email and texted his client “email by mistakenly gone to you” when the student inquired.

Islamuzzaman told The Avro Post that he did not sign up the student intentionally and was instead registering himself, his wife, his sister-in-law, and his brother who live together in the same house.

However, for an individual to become a member of the party, they have to provide a full name, address and contact information.

The payment was not processed with the student’s bank, but Islamuzzaman’s credit card.

The Conservative donation rules ask new joiners to confirm that the funds “are from me and are not being provided by another person or entity for the purpose of making this contribution.

The Avro Post reached out to the Conservatives for comment and to seek clarification in any investigation into the incident but there has yet to be a response from the party. The driving school also did not return calls.

Image of the Conservative Party from Open Sources Guelph.

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