EMERGE’s On Brand event a success

Casiah Cagan | Campus

EMERGE’s panelist and mix & mingle event On Brand, which focused on social media influencing and brand ambassadorship, took place on Friday.

EMERGE is run by the University of Guelph-Humber’s fourth year Media Studies students, with this year’s projects including web and print magazines, multimedia projects, documentaries, and the anticipated EMERGE Media Awards, which will celebrate and recognize student works and projects across Canada.

“I feel like EMERGE is a good introduction to the industry, especially since we’re in Media, you’re gonna beat things like this,” explained On Brand host and team member Trésor Gray. “So, it’s good to realize how efficient networking is and all things that could come from it.”

On Brand was just one of the many events planned to precede the spring award ceremony.

“I have always been very interested in social media, and that was kind of one of the things I was hoping to learn about in this program, but I found out that we did not have a dedicated social media course,” explained Adriana Gibowic, team lead of On Brand, on how she came up with the event. “I thought that with EMERGE, creating these events would be the perfect opportunity to combine social media with our program and have people who are interested to learn more come out, come to the panel, and learn firsthand from influencers.”

“I have a social media class, and we have a project where have to create our own blog and use it to build and promote our brand on two different social medias,” said Carissa Selbie, a Fashion Arts and Business student at Humber on why she decided to attend On Brand. “I found this event on EMERGE’s Instagram and thought ‘This goes really well with my project; maybe I can learn a little bit from it.'”

On Brand began with a panelist discussion, hosted by students Trésor Gray and Gemma Mastroianni, and featured media influencers Daniel Reyes, Marlon Palmer, Dee Thompson, Rachel David, and Lianna Pitts, who shared their stories, advice, and opinions on what lead them to where they are today. A mix & mingle followed, where attendees could meet and speak with the influencers and ask more questions.

“I hope people left with more insight on the behind-the-scenes,” explained Marlon Palmer on what he hoped people learned from the panel. “It’s easy to all the fun stuff at the forefront, so I hope they took away that there’s a lot of hard work that goes into it. Just knowing that there’s a duality to it and not just one side.”

There were many people in attendance who seemed to enjoy the fun and informative event.

“I loved how [the panelists] were very raw and authentic; you could really scense their sincerity in their different stories and advice,” said Natalie Dixon, one of the team leads for the EMERGE Media Awards next month.

As for a crucial piece of advice she wanted attendees to take away from On Brand, Rachel David touched on the importance of being confident and unique.

“I want others to not be afraid to have an opinion, to be able to speak and tell your truth in a polite and concise way, and not feeling like you can’t speak up,” she said. “In order to actually change the world and make it a more positive place we can’t just go along with everything that we’re being fed. I believe in people being their own individuals…with everyone being different, the world’s a better place.”

EMERGE’s next event is Yoga & Paws for a Cause, which will take place on March 31 at Humber Lakeshore.

Image from The Avro Post.

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