Election results start at 5 p.m.

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Friday has arrived and with it the last day of voting and a press conference for the IGNITE elections results in the evening — when the new executives and Board of Directors are formally announced.

Students will be able to vote online and in-person at polling booths across Humber College campuses and at the University of Guelph-Humber until 4 p.m., ahead of the 5 p.m. results conference.

The results will be announced at Lakeshore Campus, the same location as last year, where the final votes will be tallied for what has been marked as a critical election year ahead of optional student fees.

The Student Choice Initiative was introduced by the Ontario government and comes into effect for the fall semester, allowing students to chose what fees they pay on top of tuition.

The optional fees have received major backlash from national student organizations, student union governments and campus publications across the province, who say it threatens their existence.

IGNITE, a student union who has in the past been criticized for transparency around the handling of finances, will now be fighting to maintain the some $75 levy added on to tuition for their funding — an approximately $10 million budget annually.

While health and dental insurance, which typically take up over $6 million of the IGNITE operating budget, will be immune to student choice, other income for clubs and other campus services could be cut if students choose not to fund them.

Election results will be covered by The Avro Post live from Instagram, Twitter and with online updates.

Candidates will gather in a room to hear the results and then there will be a news conference in K Building to announce the winners.

Image of IGNITE from files.

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