Eden Tavares has the ‘best interests’ of students in mind

Eli Ridder | Report

Eden Tavares, running for the Board of Directors at Humber College North Campus, told The Avro Post she has the “best interests” of students in mind and explained her plan for tackling optional student fees on Monday.

“Students should vote for me because I have their best interests in mind like out-of-pocket expenses and events,” Tavares explained.

“I want the students’ voice to be heard. I want for everyone to work together as a Humber community to make positive changes for the betterment of our school experience and the betterment of ourselves,”

The Fitness and Health Promotion Program student noted it was her “first experience with the IGNITE elections”, adding that she thinks the “process is very well thought out”.

“I would not change anything about it except the financial budget for Board of Director candidates.”

On the Student Choice Initiative, which will allow students to opt out of certain parts of the IGNITE fee starting this fall, Tavares plans to ensure students are aware of what services the student union provides.

When asked if she would work to release a line-by-line budget, Tavares said that it could be a “good idea in theory” but she worries it could give students “an unrealistic idea of where the money is being spent.”

IGNITE has an operating budget of around $10 million a year, and produces an infographic with six general categories and multiple sub-categories that has been criticized in the past for its lack of detail.

“The students might see a large sum and not want to put their money towards it but in reality it’s split throughout the whole student body.”

Tavares, who lives in Mississauga, also gave her appreciation for The Avro Post, saying, that if elected, she “would do my best to involve the independent student press.”

Image of Eden Tavares provided.

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