Ameem Rahman wants to improve the campus experience

Eli Ridder | Report

Ameem Rahman, running for IGNITE vice president representing Humber College North Campus, told The Avro Post in an interview on Friday that he wants to improve the student experience on campus with a series of platform items drawn from a variety of candidates past and present.

The 24-year-old’s first priority would be to work on ending the stigma surrounding mental health — the same primary priority for Ekmjyot Sohal, another North candidate.

Rahman’s platform also listed having more halal, gluten-free, vegetarian options on campus and have coffee available during exams. He said he aims to reduce food prices overall — though he said he didn’t know how he will go about doing that yet.

As for student transportation, Rahman wants to have parking be free after 3 p.m. or 4 p.m. due to night classes.

The second year told The Avro Post he wants to bring a Metrolinx Presto machine to campus — typically these are ticket stands that allow students to recharge their Presto transit cards and by passes for GO Transit.

Rahman did note that students have wanted to bring one on campus for some time, and that other candidates have tried and failed to have one set up thus far. He called not having one on campus “unreasonable”.

The candidate wants to bring back Linx Lounge as an establishment serving alcohol. He noted that the current vice president was unable to follow through on the same goal, saying that it was difficult because the executive had “lots of things to change on campus”.

Re-opening LinX as a bar was a key platform item for Jeremy Largo-Afonso, but he was unable to follow through because IGNITE had already determined it would be transformed into Linx Café and the soup bar, details unknown until revealed by a report from Humber Et Cetera.

Rahman did not explain how he would go about re-establishing the LinX Lounge, but said he would try to “figure out something to resolve the issue”.

The candidate listed a price reduction for course materials and buying new keyboards as objectives on his platform — key points for president candidate Margarita Bader.

The Mississauga-native rounded out his platform by telling The Avro Post he would, as vice president, look to provide more events for students.

I would like to make the life on campus a safe, comfortable and fun environment for our beloved students,” Rahman added.

When it comes to the Ontario government’s cuts to the Ontario Student Assistance Program and the introduction of optional student fees, Rahman said he would like to work with other executives and Humber College to release a line-by-line budget.

More details to follow. Image of Ameem Rahman supplied.

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