University of Guelph-Humber senators elected

Eli Ridder | Report

Danya Elsayed, Jessica Lecques, Nora Elgharbawy and current IGNITE Vice President Maheen Nazim have been elected as the four senators to represent the University of Guelph-Humber on the main Guelph campus Senate.

Elsayed, a third year in journalism and public relations, campaigned on being an “ally to al students”, bringing transparency to the role including with school policies, an active leaders on campus and a voice for an overcrowding issue she reported on previously.”

I am extremely humbled to have been elected as a University of Guelph-Humber senator. Thank you to everyone who ran and voted in this election,” Elsayed said, adding that she is “excited to represent my peers” and work with other senators who feel the same.

Lecques was the only winning candidate who gave an in-depth interview with The Avro Post, and she cited a “comprehensive plan of action” to tackle the concerns of transparency, communication and the “quality of student experience”.

The quiet Elgharbawy — who did not detail a platform that The Avro Post had access to — only said “I want to represent you as your next student senator” on her campaign poster. The Avro Post has reached out for more details. 

Vice President Nazim, who went into this election as an IGNITE executive representing Guelph-Humber, who said on her social media that “a vote for me is a vote to get sh*t done” after her summer placement initiative was approved.

Incumbent Genevieve Samlal and newcomers Justin Mihaly and Hooria Katal did not win. The Avro Post found in an analysis that those that did win were the favourites with the exception of Samlal, who was favoured over Elgharbawy as a winner.

Results showing the number of ballots for each senator are expected to be posted on the University of Guelph Secretariat site. The four senator-designates come into their role next school year.

Images from the senators.

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