Ford calls student protestors ‘indoctrinated’

Eli Ridder | Report

Protestors that interrupted the provincial parliament on Tuesday against government cuts to post-secondary education were labelled “indoctrinated” by Premier Doug Ford, who added that “they’re going to be good socialists”.

Link: Students Hold CFS Rally at Queen’s Park

The students were from the Ontario Student Action Network, the group confirmed to The Avro Post via their official Facebook page, and were kicked out from parliament. OSAN was one of the partners in the march from Yonge-Dundas Square to Queen’s Park.

“Here’s an example of indoctrination, what we just saw up there,” Ford said about the protesters, with CBC News reporting the “good socialists” line.

In response to criticism over their swearing inside parliament, OSAN organizers said in a video that the issue is “not that significant when we’re talking about issues that put people’s lives on the line”.

“We decided to have a team from OSAN protest inside so we could make sure Doug Ford would physically see and hear us,” OSAN told The Avro Post regarding their motivations behind the protest action.

“Ford did not consult students in regards to these changes, and has so far ignored our previous demonstrations and actions,” organizers said, referencing the Ontario governments cuts to education province-wide.

“We will continue to take direct action in the forms of disruptions if necessary, to ensure Doug Ford realizes we are determined to make sure these changes are reversed.”

Over a hundred students rallied in front of Queen’s Park Tuesday afternoon as part of the Canadian Federation of Students’ “We the Students” campaign launch, which aims to put pressure on the Ford government over cuts to the Ontario Student Assistance Program and the introduction of optional student fees.

Image of Queen’s Park from The Avro Post.

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