Ekmjyot Sohal wants to involve students, save IGNITE

Eli Ridder | Report

Ekmjyot Sohal, running for the vice presidency of IGNITE to represent Humber College North Campus, wants to involve students more on campus and promote the services of the student union to ensure students fund it, he told The Avro Post in an interview on Monday evening.

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Sohal, who runs the popular Humber Daily Snapchat account that promotes parties and events, said that he is “a pretty popular guy” who people know around residence and campus and wants to create a “fun experience for everyone”.

As vice president, the third year Business Administration student said he would aim to have more events on campus and get “more students involved with one another”, adding that he would look to improve IGNITE’s connectivity through social media.

He agreed that IGNITE is effective for student life, but said “I think students dont know how much they actually do for people until it’s too late and IGNITE is gone”, adding that if awareness was built around the services offer, then students would be more inclined to fund it through optional student fees coming into play this fall.

The uncertainty surrounding the status of the Student Choice Initiative announced by the Ontario government under Premier Doug Ford last month forced the IGNITE Board of Directors for the first time essentially push back their approval for the next fiscal year budget.

The platform

Brantford-native Sohal, who currently lives on residence, wants to be a vice president that is “involved with students” in any way he can and look for solutions to the problems the campus is having as a whole.

Sohal wants to end the stigma around asking for help over mental health and the perceived “sign of weakness” that come with it. He clarified it would be his first priority if elected.

He also wants to have “more halal, kosher, gluten free, vegan and vegetarian meals” — and complementary coffee during exams. Sohal went on to add bringing a bar back to campus, an effort that the current vice president campaigned on but could not carry out due to prior plans for the LinX Lounge.

The third year wants Humber College to be more involved with student housing to “make sure the students are living in safe environments”, a platform item shared by a few other candidates.

New keyboards for the computer labs and “better and more IGNITE events” round out his platform. Sohal said he open to more suggestions from students to add to his platform.

Like the majority of other candidates, Sohal said he would continue to give comments and interviews to on-campus student press such as The Avro Post.

When it comes to IGNITE finances, Sohal wants to prioritize students with spending, and said he would release a line-by-line budget pending approval from fellow executives and the college, saying that students “deserve” to know where their money is going.

Ekmjyot Sohal is up against four other candidates for the vice presidency of Humber North, including Ameem Rahman, Jason Hyatt and an individual just going by Simran.

Voting for the IGNITE elections takes place the week of Feb. 25, both in-person and, for the first time, online, with results announced at the end of the week.

Image of Ekmjyot Sohal supplied.

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