Humber North Board candidates to be acclaimed

Eli Ridder | Report

The four candidates running for the Board of Directors at Humber College North Campus will be acclaimed on Mar. 1 when the results are announced — meaning they will be automatically elected.

These students — Dishant Passi, Eden Tavares, Neto Naniwambote and Shawayne Dunstan — will make up North’s representatives to the governing and accountability.

While The Avro Post is working to interview each of the 23 candidates running for IGNITE positions, the four candidates have not yet responded to interview requests, though responses are incoming.

On the IGNITE elections page, the four have brief descriptions of why they’re running.

Passi marked the “great success” students have with the student union, saying the elected government is “responsible, approachable and accessible to all students.”

Tavares wants “the student’s voice to be heard”, and wants the Humber College community to work together “to make positive changes for the betterment of our school experience and the betterment of ourselves.”

Naniwambote said that if he or she will “fight for affordable parking for students and make transportation accessible for students who take public transportation” — it is not clear if the candidate is looking for subsidize transit or work to bring a universal transit pass to the college.

The status of transit has seen improvements since 2015 when the bus hub was built on campus connecting students to Toronto, Mississauga, York Region and Brampton routes.

A light rail transit service by the Toronto Transit Commission with two stops underground on North Campus is also scheduled to be completed in 2022.

Humber College has considered a so-called “U-pass” in the past, but both the administration and the student union have refused to reveal further details on its status. The TTC has u-pass agreements with Ryerson and other post-secondary institutions in Toronto — which were established recently.

Dunstan is looking for IGNITE to “reach a certain pinnacle of success when barely any students are unaware of the capacity and the drive to ease the stress of studies.

The candidate says the further success of the student union to him is uplifting his peers by showing more of them the diversity in display at the college.

“Although IGNITE appeals to many demographics of students with amazing events such as frost, I still believe there is more room to grow in many aspects,” he wrote on his election page.

Dunstan also wants to better the services current provided by IGNITE while also implementing new ones, which may prove difficult as there are already contingency plans in the works over funding cuts that could come from optional student fees starting this fall.

The candidates were all at an election Mix and Mingle event put on by IGNITE last week where they talked about relieving the stress of students and also amplifying the voices of their peers, potentially through a new media outlet.

None of the candidates addressed the optional student fees initiative or cuts to the Ontario Student Assistance Program made by the Ontario government coming into play next school year.

All four candidates are expected to respond to requests from The Avro Post asking for more details on their platforms and their stances on critical student issues.

Image of candidates from IGNITE.

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