Humber North vice president, Board candidates speak on issues

Emily-May Werginz | Report

Humber College North campus students listened as IGNITE candidates for vice president and board of directors spoke about their platforms on Wednesday afternoon, with six candidates present out of nine total. 

Candidates gathered with students for an exclusive face-to-face opportunity to discuss their platforms and answer any questions students had to ask.

Many ambitious candidates spoke about their hopes to act as a channel students can voice their opinions through.

Vice president 

Vice president candidates in attendance included Ameem Rahman, Dilshan Marasinghe, Ekmjyot Sohal and Jason Hyatt. The candidate that goes by just Simran was not there.

Each candidate believed transparency and being a voice for students was a key aspect of being apart of IGNITE.

Sohal, a newcomer to student politics, wants to engage Humber in off-campus housing to ensure student’s safety. He also spoke of ideas such as complimentary mid-terms coffee and incorporating snapchat as a major media platform IGNITE can reach students through.

Rahman has ambitious goals to improve the student life on campus both Guelph-Humber and Humber.

Hyatt believes in reaching out to students so that they are informed on what IGNITE has to offer and how it can improve their daily lives. He wants to touch as many people as he can with his words, destroying any barriers executives may have with students.

Marasinghe excitingly joined the conversation with a platform that focuses on making students the main focus.

Board candidates

Board of directors candidates include Dishant Passi, Eden Tavares, Neto Naniwambote, and Shawayne Dunstan.

Since there are only four Board of Director candidates for North campus, they will all be acclaimed.

The determined future board members spoke about goals to relieve student’s stress, increase IGNITE awareness and make students want to go to school.

Additionally, all members want to ensure student’s voices are heard through innovative ideas such as new media outlets.

Image from forum.

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