Guelph-Humber vice president, Board candidates make their pitch

Casiah Cagan, Eli Ridder | Report

The University of Guelph-Humber heard the pitches from candidates running for IGNITE vice president and the Board of Directors on Wednesday afternoon, with eight candidates in total sharing and answering questions in GH126.

Candidates took a minute each to introduce themselves and give an overview of why they want to be vice president. Many talked about being a voice for students and improving transparency, and each had a separate approach to their campaign.

After that, candidates and students mingled in the classroom, with students and The Avro Post going candidate to candidate and asking questions face-to-face.

Link: Elections 2019

In response to inquires over whether the candidates would work to release a line-by-line budget of IGNITE financial expenses that would go more in-depth than the six-category infographics currently found on the IGNITE governance page.

Vice president

Three IGNITE vice president candidates spoke about their platforms and the changes they want to see made at the University of Guelph-Humber on Wednesday during the Mix and Mingle event.

Each candidate stressed the importance of creating more opportunities for students to be involved on campus and improving student life.

Carmen Duong aims to improve student life and academic experience on campus in addition to making the University of Guelph-Humber a more comfortable place for all students.

Focusing specifically on Guelph-Humber students, she would like to plan more events on campus, especially networking opportunities to allow for students to make connections with their peers.

Duong also wants to improve communication between students and professors through Academic Program Representatives. She vows to make herself available to all students and provide them with the information they ask for.

Saffiya Lulat wants to focus on ways to relieve the financial burden experienced by students, especially with the proposed Ontario Student Assistance Program cuts from the Ontario government.

She is aiming to increase the amount of scholarships and grants offered by IGNITE as well as adding an option to have external scholarships visible on employment and volunteer site GH Works.

Lulat also wants to improve student life on campus, mentioning specifically that she would like to have monthly networking events to allow students to make connections with their peers on campus.

Megan Roopnarine says that she wishes to work hard in order to improve student life and create a better experience for students on campus.

She wants to find ways to make student life more affordable in light of recent changes to OSAP in addition to creating more opportunities for student involvement.

Roopnarine would also like to increase transparency between both professors and their students and IGNITE and the student body, making sure that the information that the students request is readily available to them.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors candidate Afifa Abbaszadeh pushed for ensuring all funding is for the students, holding vice presidents and presidents accountable to their platform items, and improving transparency between executives and the board.

Erika Caldwell, a candidate who was interviewed by The Avro Post earlier this week, went into more detail on her platform, and talked about having check-in meetings with executives to make sure they’re following their mandates.

Candidate Drake Foo is focused on improving social relations on campus through clubs and events if elected and make better use of what he said was the limited space available in the University of Guelph-Humber building.

Jim Hung talked about a platform that was focused on academic excellence, avoiding speaking on optional student fees and social issues, and proposed two ideas: Putting in place a system for complaints against professors and having the end-of-semester course reviews made public for transparency’s sake.

There was one Board candidate was not in attendance: Julia Ciampa.

All candidates were sent interview requests and all have indicated they will follow up, with the exception of Abbaszadeh who told The Avro Post to pull details from her campaign account on social media and Caldwell, who already responded.

Image of the Mix and Mingle event at the University of Guelph-Humber from The Avro Post.




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