Board of Directors pushes budget until optional fees impact

Eli Ridder | Report

The IGNITE Board of Directors agreed on Wednesday night to a proposed budget for the next and upcoming fiscal year that will remain as a basis until the members find out the real financial impact of the optional student fees.

Executive Director Ercole Perrone said he and IGNITE staff will provide a new budget after the implications of the new fees policy comes into play later this year — and that will be to the next elected Board.

Also considered was a 2 per cent increase in student fees across the board for mandatory and optional levies.

The Board meeting was “the most important of the year” Director Margarita Bader told The Avro Post. Guests at the meeting included Guelph-Humber Board candidates Erika Caldwell and Afifa Abbaszadeh and Pre-Medical Society co-founder Hannah Derue.

The candidates and some Board members had just wrapped up election meet-and-greet events earlier in the afternoon that saw president, vice president and Board candidates answer questions and give details on their platforms.

A student there to watch the Board meeting asked Chair Shayan Shakil if students who opt-out of paying optional IGNITE fees will still be able to access the events and services that are funded by those who do pay.

He replied that he has some ideas for how to tackle that, including charging students on an event-by-event basis, but explained at this point that no one knows what amount of money will be coming into the student union and to wait on more information.

Image of IGNITE logo from The Avro Post.

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