IGNITE campaigns start Monday morning

Eli Ridder | Analysis

The candidacy of many students running for IGNITE positions this year will be made clear on Monday morning when campaigns start — expect for posters to be put up overnight by the most keen candidates and more to be taped up across campus by the end of the day.

Last year, president candidate Alisa Lim was the first spotted putting up her posters just hours before the writ was to drop and the campaign period begin. It’s not clear whether this helped her in the end — she lost to competitor Monica Khosla.

However, those that get their posters up first — whether physically or digitally — will get arguably more exposure by the end of the campaign period. There are limits, at least for posters on campus, for how much exposure a candidate can get from posters.

Candidates fro IGNITE and Senate do have to follow a strict set of rules when it comes to spending money on materials and where on campus they can put up literature.

Thought the rules for this year are not known yet by The Avro Post they usually determine that a maximum of $300 can be spent on president campaigns and $200 for vice president and Board of Directors candidates.

The limits for posters are complicated but at Guelph-Humber they can only be put up on the silver walls by the elevators, which doesn’t leave much room for creative campaigning in terms of locations, according to some students. Others say that it limits the mess.

Either way, come Monday, expect posters and expect a lot of them.

Image of posters from Elections 2019 on Feb. 9, 2019.

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