IGNITE’s Nazim says The Avro Post is ‘not sanctioned’

Eli Ridder | The Avro Post

IGNITE Vice President Maheen Nazim, who represents the University of Guelph-Humber, said on Sunday night that she does not reply to requests for comment from The Avro Post because it is “not sanctioned” on-campus media.

Nazim’s Comments: Instagram.com

Staff at The Avro Post had replied to a comment Nazim had given in response to a student, asking about accountability with student government platforms and unanswered requests for comment in emails sent to her.

“These are fair questions going unanswered, and it’s your job to answer on-campus media,” staff wrote.

“I believe you may have meant sanctioned media (which your publication does not fall under),” Nazim wrote back, saying that she responds to all official media and student inquiries within 48 hours.

The Avro Post was originally an official IGNITE club shortly after a rebranding event in March, but the student publication lost club status after the student union wanted to control what the Post published.

Staff followed up with these details and questioned what “sanctioned” on-campus media exactly meant, but Nazim has yet to respond publicly or to a private Post request via Instagram’s Direct Message function.

The Avro Post is backed by the Canadian University Press, a national student journalism organization that was founded 1938.


Students at the University of Guelph-Humber have started to respond to the comments made by their vice president. 

“It is IGNITE’s responsibility to respond to media requests, sanctioned or not,” Emelia Maceášik said, asking “what does ‘sanctioned’ mean in this context, anyways?”

Maceášik is the president of an IGNITE-sanctioned club, the Humber College branch of the Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy.

“Regardless, if students have questions, they deserve to be answered in a timely and professional manner…the opposite of what IGNITE is doing,” the Guelph-Humber student continued.


The Avro Post has compiled the comments from the Instagram post for accountability purposes.

First response by TAP
Response by VP Nazim
Second response by TAP

The Avro Post has sent several emails to IGNITE executives that have gone unanswered since August, several of them being requests for comment on topics or events.

A record of emails compiled in an investigation last month found that 14 emails have gone unanswered, with likely more since it was published on Nov. 15, and with no comment from IGNITE.

Image of Maheen Nazim from campaign.

Editor’s Note: With the use of the word staff, The Avro Post means that multiple staff members of the publication carried out the interaction.

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