Progress Report: IGNITE platforms largely not followed through on

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This is the first annual Progress Report done by The Avro Post on the status of the IGNITE student government, and how much of their platform has been completed about halfway through their term.

A score is given based on the amount of platform items an IGNITE official has started or completed. For example, if Jane Smith ran on a four-part platform and she had started only two items, then she would get a 50 per cent score.

All IGNITE executives were given over three full days to respond to requests from The Avro Post asking to confirm their original platform points and what moves they have made so far to complete them, however, none of them replied.

The Avro Post found that out of a combined 11 platform items from all the elected IGNITE executives that could be identified, one full and two partial platform points were completed, giving an overall average of 18 per cent success rate from original platforms.


A poll detailing how much the IGNITE student union matters to students at the University of Guelph-Humber and Humber College campuses has been released by The Avro Post on Twitter.

The president

IGNITE President Monica Khosla campaigned on improving accessibility campus-wide, and also addressed concerns over transparency.

During the first Elections Forum during the campaign last spring, Khosla cited physical and social accessibility as areas of improvement for IGNITE.

She referenced work she did representing students at the AODA committee that exists to hold campus to standards found in the provincial disabilities act.

Khosla also talked cited what she called a deficit in awareness for IGNITE events and opportunities.

So how well has she implemented her platform at the halfway point?

Khosla has worked hard on the accessibility angle, bringing about the focus groups that just concluded on Tuesday.

However, the issue of transparency has not seen any drastic improvements so far. Thus, The Avro Post gives Khosla a midterm Progress Report score of:


(1 out of 2)

VP, Guelph-Humber

IGNITE Vice President Maheen Nazim, who represents the University of Guelph-Humber, campaigned on three points: accessibility, flexibility and student input.

Nazim’s most notable platform promise was to create an IGNITE mobile app that would provide accessibility needs, proposing functionality like “updates, real-time parking and upcoming student events” in an interview with The Avro Post.

On flexibility, Nazim wanted more summer placement opportunities and less repetition in courses as part of a flexibility effort, an academic concern that would be exclusively under the purview of the University of Guelph Senate, according to the secretariat.

She also promised to put students first, saying that her “personal focus will always be the students and their needs.”

In an effort to work on transparency, the Justice Studies student said that IGNITE should host an “online forum to educate the students on what is going on behind the scenes”.

Nazim explained the forum would help to fix the issue of IGNITE not communicating with students before they “go searching for answers”, a similar platform item to that of her Lakeshore Campus counterpart Graham Budgeon.

In an IGNITE video released just last week, Nazim added that she is now working on “student leadership” and, while it is possible there has been some movement in that direction, the Progress Report only takes into consideration promises made on campaign platforms.

So how well has she implemented her platform at the halfway point?

First off, Nazim confirmed to The Avro Post just before the fall semester started that she dropped her plans to launch an IGNITE app, after declining to comment in June.

The fourth year instead told The Avro Post that the mobile IGNITE app would “not be an initiative this year”, explaining that “student communications” would be her focus.

An IGNITE student forum has yet to come online, and there has been no announcement from the student union thus far.

It is not known what Nazim has done at this point towards the platform she ran on.

The Avro Post reached out for comment from the fourth year so she could clarify what she does in regards to her platform and also day-to-day, but Nazim did not specify beyond when she said “student communications” was her focus earlier this year.

The app was secretively pushed aside without explanation, the academic concerns are not applicable to the position of the vice president and an online forum is not here and no one from IGNITE will confirm if it’s on the way, so The Avro Post scores Nazim with:


(0 out of 3 platform items)

VP, North Campus

IGNITE Vice President of Humber College North Campus Jeremy Afonso campaigned on re-opening the Linx Lounge as a bar and opening new quiet study spaces to tackle overcrowding at the university.

Mr. Afonso also aimed to bring about “academic advocacy” following the five-week college union strike in the fall of 2017, saying that “a lot of people want certain things to change, and that was not offered last year.”

“I think that people came out to speak their voice, because they know what is right, and they know that what I was campaigning for actually makes a difference.”

So how well has Afonso implemented his platform at the halfway point?

Firstly, Linx Lounge became Linx Café this year, but has not been restored to the full bar that it used to be a few years ago and what was promised in Afonso’s platform. For this, part marks can be attributed.

When it comes to new study areas, The Avro Post reached out to Humber College and Afonso for more details, but both failed to respond for eight days before this article was published.

Thus, The Avro Post finds Afonso’s score to be:


(.5 out of 3 items)

VP, Lakeshore

IGNITE Vice President of Lakeshore Graham Budgeon campaigned on creating an online portal that would connect students with the student union, developing a student network in the process, and create a permanent IGNITE desk on the first floor of the L building.

So how well has Mr. Budgeon implemented his platform at the halfway point?

There is no portal at this time, a platform item Budgeon dubbed “societies” during his campaign, as reported by Humber Et Cetera, and the vice president did not respond to a request over what the status of the initiative is.

As for a permanent desk on the first floor of L Building at Humber College Lakeshore Campus, and IGNITE staff confirmed to The Avro Post that there has been implementation on that item.

Thus, The Avro Post finds Budgeon’s score to be:


(.5 out of 3 items)

Image of IGNITE logo from IGNITE. The Avro Post carried out this Progress Report using files from Humber News, Humber Et Cetera and The Avro Post. Research carried out by multiple staff members.

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