MasterChef winner opens vegan Italian restuarant in Toronto

Casiah Cagan | Life

Dino Luciano, winner of Master Chef season 8, is cooking up Italian cuisine in his new Toronto pop-up restaurant, Stella—and all of the dishes are vegan.

Situated on Richmond St. in the heart of downtown Toronto, Stella is the city’s first ever Italian-inspired vegan pop-up restaurant and is the newest addition to Toronto’s Vegandale store collective.

Dino Luciano, who is originally from Brooklyn, NY, learned to cook as a child from his Sicilian grandmother.

Since then, his love for cooking grew and pushed him to appear on—and ultimately win—the American cooking competition show MasterChef in 2017 as their first vegan chef. After gaining the likes of the competition’s judges, most notably that of Gordon Ramsay, Chef Luciano will be using his talents to create numerous dishes to be served at his restaurant.

Stella is an Italian-inspired restaurant with a refined palate,” explains Chef Luciano of his restaurant. “We are re-conceptualizing traditional Italian food and making it vegan—all without the sacrifice of impressionable flavour.”

Chef Luciano also hopes that his restaurant will be able to give Torontonians an opportunity to try a new style of cuisine that he does not currently consider “readily available” in the city.

Dishes served at the restaurant include Cherry Risotto, Bohemian Squash Fettuccine, Caprese Crostini, and Cannoli, all which were imagined and created by Chef Luciano himself.

Stella celebrated its grand opening today and will be serving the public until its final day on Jan. 31, 2019.

Reservations are extremely limited, with seating accommodating only 36 guests, and can be made on the restaurant’s website over the next three months.

Featured image from AZ Central

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