Progressive Conservatives look to reform Ontario’s education system

Jacob Argintaru | Report

The government of Ontario is shifting its focus from one dollar beers to education reform, taking aim at cell phones in the classroom, financial literacy, and sex-ed.

On Wednesday, Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives posted a series of statements on social media expressing their intent to consult parents about the best way to deal with cell phone use in the classroom as well as teaching basic financing to elementary students.

The Ford government will also revamp Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum, steering it away from Kathleen Wynne’s ideology-heavy curriculum by reinstituting Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum from 2014.

Wynne’s version of sex-ed, introduced in 2015, taught children as early as third grade that gender is a social construct, despite there being no scientific evidence backing such a claim.

Wynne’s curriculum also taught children about romantic dating as early as grade four, and students in middle school were introduced to masturbation, anal and oral sex.

One of Doug Ford’s promises before becoming premier was to repeal Wynne’s sex-ed curriculum, as many parents expressed their concerns with the subject matter being too inappropriate for the age groups it was being taught to.

In a news release, Ford stated “if we find somebody failing to do their job, we will act,” suggesting consequences for teachers who stray away from the new sex-ed curriculum.

The sex-ed curriculum for high schools in Ontario will not be affected by these changes.

Ontario’s government is preparing these changes for the beginning of the school year.

More details to follow | Image of Ontario Premier Doug Ford, from the CBC.

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