FBI Says Restart Your Router!

“The Malware Can Potentially Collect Information Passing Through The Router. Detection & Analysis Is Complicated By Its Use Of Encryption and Missatributable Networks”


F.B.I Reports Over 500,000 Routers Compromised

According to the Justice Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation, there’s malware on over 50,000 routers made by Linksys, MikroTic, Netgear, QNAP and TP-Link. This means if you have any of the routers listed above, you were or might be exposed or vulnerable to the malware.

According to a Cisco post based on their research this has something to do with the alleged 500,000 routers compromised by a Russian security group that goes by the names of Fancy Bear and Apt28. The malware ( as stated in the Official FBI report ) has the ability to disable office and home routers meaning civilians and small/large businesses are more likely affected rather than large businesses. There could be exceptions though.

How Bad Is It?


The malware currently has multiple stages and has to ability to collect your social media passwords, login information and other things like personal information, files and documents. Despite it being at the current stage of its lifecycle you’re still able to get rid of it. Keep reading to find out how to remove the malware from your router.

How Can I Tell If I’m A Victim?

There aren’t a lot of immediate ways tell if your routers been infected. One thing I recommend doing is investigating your router settings. Since the malware itself can collect login information, passwords and activity you should look for changes that enable remote access or a filter that tunnels your data.


If you aren’t sure about your router being infected the government recommends you reset your router. You can also restore your router to the factory settings which would completely wipe any malicious settings involving your router. You can also check below for my guide on securing your computer and learning safe internet habits.

Staying Safe

As usual staying safe on the internet and using it responsibly should be your number one priority at all times. To protect yourself and prevent malware/viruses you have to secure your computer and practice safe internet habits. If you’re not familiar with “Secure Habits” I mentioned it here.

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