Microsoft vs Apple. Who’s dominating?

Microsoft or Apple? Windows or Mac? Surface or iPad?

At some point in our lives we all find ourselves asking these questions and if you haven’t formed an opinion already we’re sure you’ll have one after reading these facts about both companies.

Let’s Face It. Microsoft Is Dominating The Computer Market.

In today’s time almost everyone has a computer and I can guarantee you almost %92 of the computers that your friends use have Windows on them. That’s because Windows is the #1 software for personal computers, corporations, restaurants, schools and large manufacturers. This is because Windows has more flexibility than Mac and provides more freedom. Overall, there are more computers with Microsoft’s software compared to Apple because Apple computers are the only computers allowed to have the Mac OS on it while Microsoft has its software on Dell, HP, Gateway, Lenovo and honestly, every other computer manufacturer out there.

Apple Leads By Example When It Comes To Phones.

Let’s be honest, Apple doesn’t have much competition when it comes to phones. The iPhone is the best selling phone every year no matter what Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone comes out. Apple outsells all of them every time.

While Microsoft has made some notable accomplishments with Windows Phone and Windows Mobile, Apple is dominating the mobile market and here’s why.

  1. Apple spent a lot of time perfecting the iPhone’s design and managed to retain its core features while adding new ones with each new model.
  2. While there’s tons of Androids and Windows Phones out there Apple started off with just one phone and went up the latter slowly, giving the phone the time it needed to grow project and consumer wise.
  3. Apple managed to perfect their marketing strategy to the point where celebrities who had an iPhone made others want an iPhone. Apples mobile presence was so strong people waited in line for days to buy one.
  4. Apple spends a lot of time on their commercials promoting their products. So much that even the smallest feature seems like the biggest feature. They’ve managed to make already existing features from other phones seem like new ones.

Microsoft Has Their Hands In More Project

While Apple decided to choose a more “linear” path by focusing on the mobile and computer market, Microsoft has done the exact opposite when it comes to their business and its decisions. Apple has their hand in the mobile, computer and audio market but Microsoft has their hand in a lot more. Here’s a list of examples showing how versatile Microsoft is.

  • Video Game Industry ( Microsoft Studios, Xbox, Rare, Mojang, Lionhead, Ubisoft )
  • Graphics/3D Industry ( DirectX, Avid Technology, Havok, RenderMorphics )
  • Mobile Industry ( AT&T, Nokia, Telecom, Windows Phone, Xamarin, Inception )
  • Programming/Management Industry ( VisualStudio, Microsoft SQL, Xamarin, etc )
  • Software Industry ( MSFT SLPS, Hotmail, Visio, Bungie, SoftArtisians, BlueStripe )
  • Security Industry ( XDegrees, Komoku, Bitdefender, Zoomit, SecureIslands, etc )
  • Music Industry ( Spotify, Zune, Groove, MongoMusic, MixRadio, Musiwave )
  • Hardware Industry ( Hitachi, PerceptivePixel, N-trig, Nokia, RenderMorphics )
  • Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Industry ( HoloLens, Kinect, Mobile AR, etc )

As you can see, compared to Apple, Microsoft has hundreds of acquisitions and projects they’re working on/with. Not only does Microsoft have stakes and invest in almost all of the companies they do business with but they also own almost all the companies they do business with.

This diversity is what makes Microsoft the “Redmond Giant” that it is. Microsoft is known for it business acquisitions and startup investments. Microsoft is also known to patent things and forget to publicly announce it. Meaning Microsoft owns a lot of future designs and technology that don’t exist which makes them extremely profitable in the long run. Imagine patenting 3D goggles before the technology fully exists! That kind of thing.

Microsoft VS Apple. Who’s More Productive?

This is arguably the biggest topic when choosing between Windows and Mac. The reason behind me saying that is based on the needs of the individual buying the computer. Most people buy a computer for school, which doesn’t require them to do much except write reports, browse the internet and maybe make a power point or two. Others use their computers for intense gaming, web design, programming, video editing and things that require more resources from the computer. Let’s talk about productivity.

Let’s start with Microsoft and Windows. For decades, Windows has been the primary choice for average joes, long time users and franchise owners. The software is in turn more flexible than any other operating system and has more potential than any other software. This is because the platform doesn’t have any restrictions or limitations and gives the user control and options.

Windows is also the #1 platform for software development and programming. You can’t program and create things on Mac like you can on Windows. Windows can also run Photoshop and similar programs that Mac can run but the design and simplicity are superior on Apple for most programs.

Apple/Mac has been the software of choice for people who deal with multimedia projects like Photoshop, Pro Tools, animation, video editing and designing. While Mac strongly benefits these types of users it lacks the necessary freedom to use other programs made for Windows and alienates the rest of the crowd, limiting its potential. Let’s compare.

  • Microsoft has the #1 OS for programming & development.
  • Apple has the #1 OS for multimedia design & development.
  • Microsoft Windows has more potential and can use all applications.
  • Apple’s software only allows you to install software approved by them.
  • Microsoft has more manufacturers, upgradeable hardware and more users.
  • Apple does not allow hardware modifications and 3rd party manufacturers.
  • Microsoft has a universal operating system that’s also fully customizable.
  • Apple has a universal operating system as well but without customization.

Those are a few difference between the two companies. One thing I’d like to point out is that Microsoft supports multimedia projects such as Photoshop and audio editing programs but when using Apple you’re getting a project experience you just can’t forget.

What’s Your Take?

Now that you have an understating of both platforms, what’s your take on this? Are you a Microsoft user or Apple/Mac user? Do you think Apple is better than Microsoft or is Microsoft better than Apple/Mac? Did I forget any features? Let me know and tell me why!

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