Toronto student leaders propose course retake, midterm deferral policies

Eli Ridder | Report

Course retake and midterm deferral policies were proposed by the University of Toronto Mississauga Students’ Union, or UTMSU, in late March, The Varsity reported on Saturday. 

The course retake policy would allow only first and second year students to retake failed courses and use the second attempt as part of their official transcript, with the retake option only usable for 1.0 credits.

The University of Western Ontario, along with Ryerson, McGill, Queen’s and McMaster universities already have similar policies, according to the student leadership.

The second policy would allow students to defer midterms and assignments without the paperwork that is current required by the university, and is based on a pilot program at McMaster.

The deferral policy sets in place an outline form for students to fill out requesting a three-day period for excused work due to medical or personal reasons that only be used once a term, would be up to the discretion of the professor and cover up to 25 per cent of the term work, reported The Varsity.

No permanent changes to university policy will occur from the proposals until they they have gone through the governance process at the University of Toronto, and although student leaders have met with the Office of the Dean and are working towards this, there will not likely be any broad discussion and action until September of 2018.

More details to follow. Image of the University of Toronto Mississauga from Wikimedia Commons. 

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