Cash Me Outside, Woah Vicky beef explained

Eli Ridder | Analysis

Another episode in the feud between Internet personalities Bhad Barbie of Cash Me Outside fame and Instagram celebrity Woah Vicky was posted to Instagram on April 16, where the pair got in an almost-tussle that also involved Lil Tay.

The fight was kickstarted by Bhabie, legal name Danielle Bregoli, when she claimed Vicky used a racial slur to describe one of her friends at a birthday celebration, reported TMZ, but their so-called beef appeared to go beyond that.

While at the mall, Bregoli attempted to start a fistfight with Waldrip, telling her to “put your bag down tough stuff”, while Vicky stands there saying “what’s up?”, along with Lil Tay, known only as the nine-year-old, cash-flexing Taylor.

Men that could be bodyguards appear to stop the pair from fighting, but a video captured by TMZ shows that Bregoli did get a hit in on the back of Vicky’s head, before crowd rips them apart, a hit verified by Vicky in a later video responding to the incident.

Bregoli capitalized on digital fame after infamously telling the audience for a Dr. Phil show to “cash me outside, how bout dat” and turned it into a following for her rap career that launched with “These Heaux” in 2017.

Vicky, legal name Victoria Waldrip, 18, has one million followers on Instagram but remains unverified with reports indicating that a majority of them are fake, and gained some notoriety when she claimed she was Black in 2017.

Bregoli did a reaction video to one of Vicky’s songs in 2017 where she criticizes her voice, according to reports, and then there was a recording released earlier that year where the pair were yelling at each other over FaceTime.

There have been comparisons between Barbie and Vicky, who also raps, but Waldrip has requested that her fans and followers stop comparing her to Bhabie, saying her music is better.

Lil Tay, 9, is reportedly a rapper who hangs out with established artists Chief Keef and shows off her purported wealth with her verified Instagram via videos and pictures, but nobody knows who she really is.

Some people have spotted that among Tay’s team are the same men who are always filming her with many saying they’re concerned she is being forced into doing all the trending videos.

Woah Vicky later said that if she sees Bhad Bhabie again she’s going to beat her up but then appears to become more reluctant to take on the task, saying she doesn’t have time to fight a 15-year-old girl due to being 18 and not trying to go to jail.

More details to follow. Image of 

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