The Avro Post loses IGNITE club status

Staff of The Avro Post | Press Release

Early on Tuesday afternoon, The Avro Post lost its status as an official IGNITE club when the student association informed staff that the publication had violated one of the rules outlined in the Clubs Policy.

“Committing an offence or engaging in an activity that damages the reputation of IGNITE” was the charge laid against the Post, who recently became a club when it re-branded just over a week ago.

“This action follows The Avro Post’s published content and resulting complaints from members of the University of Guelph-Humber administration, the local community and IGNITE’s student membership,” read the formal de-ratification letter.

We plan to ask if the reason for IGNITE dropping the Post is in relation to an investigation published in partnership with the Academic Reform Group over student issues with a third year psychology program course.

We as the staff never received through official or unofficial channels that any group had a complaint over our reporting. We stand by our reporting as fact-based, ethical and fair, following journalistic standards.

We do have concerns that complaints that The Avro Post never saw or could address can shut us down. It seems heartily one-sided and goes strongly against the spirit of free press.

Consider this editorial from the Ubyssy, a respected Canadian student publication that talks about student unions that control funding for student publications:

We will be publishing a fuller statement on Wednesday afternoon with more details. We do, however, plan to appeal this decision in front of the Board of Directors and we have the full support of the Canadian University Press.

The Avro Post stands by all its journalism and will continue to operate as normal.

Eli Ridder, Editor-in-Chief

Melissa Lopez-Martinez, Editor GH

Kaela Johnson, Editor, Life

Emily Macfarlane, General Manager

Keerthiga Vijayapalan, Journalist

Alyssa Alibaksh, Journalist

Fredrik Lariviere, Photojournalist

Jaylen Smith-Williams, Photojournalist

Jacob Argintaru, Journalist

and with the support of the Canadian University Press. 


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