Afonso: Re-open pub, offer space to GH

Eli Ridder, Melissa Lopez | The Avro Post

Vice President-designate Jeremy Afonso aims to re-open the LinX Lounge pub at Humber College and vows to open new quiet study spaces that he said Guelph-Humber students will appreciate, citing overcrowding at the university. 

IGNITE election results 2018

No candidate won majority

Mr. Afonso’s campaign focused on re-opening the long-closed pub that used to serve alcoholic drinks at North Campus along with promoting academic advocacy following the faculty union strike that hit Ontario’s 24 public colleges last fall.

In a tight race where he was only 96 votes ahead of Jason Hyatt, Afonso won the vice presidency to represent North Campus at IGNITE for the next academic year on Friday with 1557 votes in favour.

He also campaigned on opening more quiet study spaces, a platform item the vice-president-designate told The Avro Post would benefit those attending the University of Guelph-Humber.

“The truth stands that a lot of students from GH actually come over to Humber North Campus in order to get all their studies, make sure that their entertainment needs are fulfilled and make sure that they can make friends on campus,” Afonso told The Avro Post.

“At the end of the day, a lot of people at [Guelph-Humber] feel that [the university is] way too crowded.”

‘Bounced back’

Jeremy Afonso said the Ontario College’s Marketing Competition took a lot of effort for him to get into but was cancelled due to the five week college faculty strike, however, he said he “bounced back” from disappointment.

“No matter how many times you fall down, it really matters how many times you get back up and how many you keep running back to your objectives.”

Afonso told The Avro Post that academic advocacy was what many students looked for in the aftermath of the union strike.

“A lot of people want certain things to change, and that was not offered last year,” he said on Friday.

“I think that people came out to speak their voice, because they know what is right, and they know that what I was campaigning for actually makes a difference.”

More details to follow. Image of one of Jeremy Afonso’s campaign posters from Eli Ridder/The Avro Post. 

I feel very shocked and Im very happy

I ppride myself on being partially a marketing student, cause I really think that helped out with the campaign a lot and made sure that people understand what Im running for, made sure that my voice is heard, and make sure that everyone elses voice is heard 20 times louder

Whyd you campaign stand out

On to pof the fact that there was a lot more population than last year I think that the fact reamins that a lot of people want certain things to change. and that was not offerd last year.

I lolt of what I advsocated this year including the pub and academic advocacy really hit people hard in terms of the strike

“I think that people came up to speak their voice because they know what is right and they know that what I was campaigning for actually makes a difference.

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